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IT-Verbund Schleswig-Holstein

About us

The Point of Single Contact (PSC) is part of the EC Services Directive and is intended to give simple information on how to take up and provide a service. As point of contact we have been in place since 28 December 2009 and form the link between service providers and authorities (German term: "Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner").

  1. Supporting public authorities
  2. Administrative board
  3. Team

Supporting public authorities

Supporting public authorities

Our Supporting public authorities

The "Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein" EA-SH is an institution under public law (AöR) and is supported by the following institutions.

Administrative board

Administrative board

Our administrative board

The administrative board is a body of the institution under public law "Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein". It is composed of seven members. The members are delegated by the seven supporting authorities of the institution PSC Schleswig-Holstein.

Members of the administrative board:

Chairman: Sven Thomsen Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the state of Schleswig-Holstein
Vice Chairman: Jörg Orlemann Managing director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kiel
Marc Ziertmann Managing director of the League of Cities of Schleswig-Holstein
Dirk Belau Deputy Chief Executive of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts Flensburg
Jörg Bülow Managing director of the Association of Municipalities Schleswig-Holstein
Dr. Sönke E. Schulz Managing director of the District Council Schleswig-Holstein
Dr. Ulf Kämpfer Lord Mayor of the state capital Kiel for the Association of Cities Schleswig-Holstein



Our team

The Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein is run by a small but powerful team.

The following list shows who is performing which function or who is working in which field of activity.


Hans-Jürgen Lucht Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8641

General administration

Sigrid Brenner Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8649

Law & Organisation

Dr. Gunnar Friedrichs Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8643

IT Organisation & Creation

Mike Schmidt Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8644

Application management

Sigrid Brenner Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8649
Hagen Nickel Telephone: +49 (0)431 988-8642